BPL offers a variety of services that are economical and hassle-free cargo delivery from Saudi

BPL Logistics has the knowledge and experience to provide parcel delivery services to almost 99 percent of the world’s population and it provides economical and hassle-free cargo delivery from Saudi. We can make the procedure go more smoothly by guiding you through the restrictions, customs fees, and drop-off possibilities that each country has. You can trust BPL logistics to dispatch your courier since we provide the best service at a low cost for premium services. We’ll make certain there’s no lag on our end.BPL cargo logistics is an internet shipping marketplace that connects hundreds of foreign and local carriers. This allows you to send large and small packages, as well as really urgent shipments, if necessary. BPL is constantly looking for space on the vehicles of one or more carriers. The BPL platform’s unique technology allows us to provide you the best deals on courier and package services from Saudi Arabia and throughout the world. For courier and parcel delivery, the organisation uses a variety of carriers. As a result, buyers can make an informed decision. The cost of shipping is determined by the package’s size and weight, as well as the distance between cities. What’s more, we also offer express and economy services. We treat it as a top priority and strive to complete it as quickly as possible.

BPL offers various freight services,it is an economical and hassle-free cargo delivery from Saudi

We at BPL Cargo are always available to consult and provide on a wide range of air cargo services, and economical and hassle-free cargo delivery from Saudi. We carefully negotiated standing agreements with a number of carriers will ensure that you get the lowest rates. Cargo is delivered to all cities, countries, and continents using BPL’s air freight capacity. Customers have priority access to competitive rates and space allocations because to global collaborations with major air airlines. Our core proposition is to provide innovative, effective, and timely solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our tracking technology and proactive customer care attitude keep you informed about the progress of your freight at all times. These systems also give Air Freight customer service representatives the resources they need to keep your shipment on track and communicate with you, the client, in real-time. We provide a comprehensive list of origin and destination points at competitive rates based on allocated or block-space agreements.

Air cargo highlights of BPL

  • Using an online tracking system to improve visibility of the customer’s supply chain.
  • Manpower that is highly efficient and has handled a range of cargo, including dangerous cargo, fragile cargo, and big freight.
  • In the event of door-to-door service, constant follow-up with the airlines to assure punctual departure, arrival, and subsequent door-delivery of the shipment.
  • Our most dedicated employees will ensure that a neat and quick introduction to our packages is offered to fit your demands, regardless of the size of the business.


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We have branches in Dammam, Jubail, Khobar, and Al- Hass


Best Cargo Delivery Service and Customer-Oriented Organization

BPL, because of its faster delivery and low-cost services has become one of the best cargo logistics from Saudi Arabia and has managed to establish its reputation. It has a Worldwide delivery option and provides end-to-end logistics solutions. BPL logistics is one of the fastest delivery solutions from Saudi Arabia and is cost-effective. Whether it be cash on delivery and fast delivery services, customers get all that they want without hassle. With its promising courier delivery, it has established its reputation. In Saudi Arabia, it became one of the leading and highly regarded business.

 BPL Leading and Highly Regarded  Cargo  DELIVERY Business in Saudi

The company tried to retain its reputation as one of the best cargo service providers in Saudi Arabia and serves door-to-door cargo, general cargo, expert packing and crating. Broad range of shipment and delivery services are offered by BPL. The company ensures the best cargo services develop effective and reliable solutions by working with the customers. For efficient management and warehousing activity the company has an experienced team of professionals. BPL continues to offer a truly tailor-made range of services hassle-free.

 CARGO Delivery To The Right Destination With Hassle-free

At an affordable price, the highly qualified team of BPL provides all types of cargo services across the World. The company offer a truly tailor-made range of services and develops services to match the changing customer needs. For excellent delivery services, the work is done in a proper manner by following all the rules and regulations. Being a reliable service provider and without ever compromising on quality it has a wide range of extensive networks that deliver goods in a fast and efficient manner.  In order to provide effective solutions, it serves as an integrated service that allows accommodating customer’s changing needs.


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We have branches in Dammam, Jubail, Khobar, and Al- Hass








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