Logistics refers to the general method of managing how resources are obtained, saved, and transported to their very last destination. Logistics Service identifying prospective distributors and suppliers and determining their effectiveness and accessibility. Logistics managers are also called logisticians.

What is Logistics?

Logistics is the term which normally approaches the management of transportation of goods, from one location to every other. Logistics Services involves things such as transportation, inventory, packaging, components and every now and then, social security and also warehousing.

Why is it Important?

There are many small businesses that focus on the design and production of their products and services to best meet customer needs. If those products cannot reach customers on time, the business will fail. This is the major role of the logistics.

And on the customer’s point of view, if products cannot be produced and shipped on time, customer satisfaction can decline. Also these will negatively impacting a company’s profitability and reputation.

BPL Cargo can Ensure the Safe and Timely Delivery of your Goods to Anywhere on the Globe

We have an in-house group of highly skilled proficient packers that use the best, time-tested packing materials with the aim that your shipments are delivered safely. BPL Cargo has diversified interest in door to door cargo, general cargo, personal effects, household goods, office relocating, compounds & villas, air & sea freight, transportation, storage facility, expert packing and crating and insurance.

We know how valuable your time is so we love to make deliveries on time. You can entrust us with your valuable cargo. Quality and security are most importance for us. We work to support your business and other needs by providing the best logistic solutions. Our services are available to you 24 hours in a Week on all the 365 days in a year.

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We have branches in Dammam, Jubail, Khobar, and Al- Hassa.


Freight forwarding is the coordination and planning of the transfer of goods across international borders. Freight forwarders act as a middleman among the employer who makes the cargo and the very last spot for the goods. Although they do not perform the shipments themselves, they offer distinct delivery modes including sea/ocean freight, rail freight, road transport and also air freight shipment.

What are the benefits of Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarding services can save a lot of time and allows you to concentrate on other areas of the business. Freight forwarders provide specific benefits to corporations that are looking for a high degree of organization, transparency, and also versatility.

Other benefits include:

    • Deep Knowledge of the Logistics industry
    • Global network of freight forwarding agents
    • Can hold goods to reduce costs

BPL Cargo provides Innovative, Practical and Cost Effective Logistics services for every Customer

BPL offers a wide range of freight forwarding services – including pick-up, delivery and distribution operations to all major worldwide destinations. We have storage or warehousing facilities for goods on long term or short term basis. We also have crating and packaging solutions for high value, heavy, fragile and unique items.

We want to be close to our customers and overseas agents to provide them with the best service they needs. We employ the best people in the industry to ensure that your consignment arrives safely on time. Our customer service and management teams are dedicated to meeting your international transportation needs.

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We have branches in Dammam, Jubail, Khobar, and Al- Hassa


Cargo Company is a type of company that specializes in the moving of cargo, or freight, from one place to another. International Cargo Company ship goods internationally from country to country, and domestic Cargo Company, ship goods within a single country.

How a Cargo Company works?

Cargo and freight companies facilitate shipments of goods through airline, shipping, train, and also trucking terminals and docks. They make sure that shipments are collected and delivered on time, paperwork is completed, and charges are collected. For international shipments, Cargo Company prepares and verifies customs and tariff forms.

What does a Cargo and Freight Agent do?

Cargo and freight agents normally manage shipments for various clients at once. They often sort their clients’ cargo and freight by location, and also send out multiple shipments simultaneously. Agents use computer software to save records, track inventory, and interact with clients. They have to be familiar with and feel secure using different software programs.

At BPL Cargo Services, Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

BPL Cargo can move your cargos to any destinations worldwide either by air, sea or surface as you choose. Our expert team members manage international cargo services with their local knowledge. Also, they have expertise to make sure hassle free transfer of your cargo.

Our mission is to surpass our customer’s expectations by providing reliable and cost effective service as shipping agents. We have facilities and efficacious networks all over the world for effective management and movement of cargos and also their delivery at your door steps.

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We have branches in Dammam, Jubail, Khobar, and Al- Hassa


Door to door delivery is a type in which the freight forwarder guarantees that the goods might be picked up from and introduced to the locations determined by the end customer. It is distinctive from door-to-port and also port-to-port as it starts and ends at particular addresses inside areas covered by the freight forwarder.

What is Door to Door Service?

Door-to-door is a shipping method where freights are delivered from the sender to the customer. Door-to-door is also known as house-to-house service. Ideally, it means the supply of goods from the seller’s warehouse to the area of delivery, i.e., to the end customer.

But, door-to-door delivery also stands two types of services. Delivery of goods from the seller’s pick up location to the consignee’s storehouse. Also, transportation hub from where it is transported to the customer’s doorstep.

Benefits of this Service


    • Single Point of Contact for the Entire Delivery
    • Added Advantage of Insurance
    • Reduced Costs
    • Decreased Operational Efforts
    • Easier to Manage

BPL Cargo, the Fastest and Most Secure Cargo Service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

BPL is a team of dedicated professionals fully equipped with most advance technology having vast experience to handle even most delicate and sensitive shipments with professional expertise. We also provide air, sea & land freight forwarding, door-to-door service to and from Saudi Arabia to worldwide destinations.

Whatever your logistics needs, BPL can offer you the logistics setup that best suits your needs. With a complete community of strategic logistic companions, we will make the safe and well timed delivery of your goods to anywhere on the globe. Our team of experts manages global cargo services with their local expertise and experience to ensure hassle free transportation of your cargo.

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