The best logistic service providers in Saudi Arabia, BPL Cargo provide trustworthy services to customers to ingrowth to company’s success

We at BPL Cargo are committed to provide our customers the finest service possible and are aware of how complicated the shipping and transportation industries are. We work with companies of all sizes to deliver successful services that address their unique needs.

In supply chain management, logistics’ primary role is to boost each delivery’s overall value, which is measured by customer satisfaction. This means that maintaining a particular level of high-quality customer service must be linked to the optimization and reduction of personnel resources.

In order to manage the supply chain and satisfy consumer demand, logistics became essential. In less than two decades, supply chain management has had a significant impact on product transportation, enabling it to meet or exceed consumer demand. Companies realized they could manage logistics using a system theory and manage the business as a whole to improve performance in order to save costs and promote productivity.

The logistics of success fully done through proper transportation management, warehouse management and though best courier services too. Utilizing the best transportation system strengthens outperforms to lower shipping costs and guarantee on-time delivery of goods since customer service satisfaction has evolved into a foundation on which businesses generate business growth and profitability. These methods and processes are crucial components of a strong logistics management system, highlighting the significance of warehousing and transportation for top-notch customer service and the delivery of end-user products. The warehouse management will also improve as you manage logistics more efficiently. The kind of commodities you store there will greatly affect your warehouse operations.

A dependable logistics solution like BPL cargo can increase your company’s value and aid in preserving a favorable public perception through timely and efficient services.


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BPL logistic in Saudi Arabia store valuables safely and securely. Storage is the act of storing items in warehouses and logistical facilities. Its mission is to maintain a steady supply of goods on the market in order to close the time gap between producers and consumers. The logistics chain is a complicated process with several steps that must all work together flawlessly to ensure that items get at their destination quickly and safely. Storage is one of those stages, and it is crucial to the distribution process. ‘It bridges the time gap between when commodities are made and when they are eventually consumed, as there is always a time gap between production and consumption.

Creating suitable arrangements to maintain items in pristine condition without losing their qualities and attributes until they are required by the ultimate consumer and transferred to the market is what storage implies. It generates utilities for time and location. The process of conserving commodities from the moment they are produced until they are required for consumption is known as storage.

Storage’s Advantages and Importance

Time Efficiency:

There are some things that are manufactured year-round, yet consumption is seasonal. Goods can be made available to buyers whenever they are needed according to warehousing.

Place efficiency:

Another role of storage is to make items available to a buyer when he wants them at his place of business. It creates location utility through warehouse placement; for example, by contacting the wholesaler’s storage, a merchant can acquire things in a couple of hours or minutes.

Saving Transportation Cost

Storage permits stocks to be accumulated and transferred in large amounts, lowering transportation costs. Lowering transportation logistics expenses is the main concern when it comes to building a profitable corporate budget. There are various ways for firms to reduce transportation expenses, improve supply chain practices, and save money.

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We have branches in Dammam, Jubail, Khobar, and Al- Hass




The best cargo service in Saudi Arabia, BPL is providing the reliable logistics service to our customers.

In order to provide reliable service BPL cargo  follows customer words, the best cargo service in Saudi Arabia,

Need of reliability is important in every business especially in logistics. Reliability can be defined as the trait of being trusty or constantly operating effectively. Transportation has a major role in logistics service for the fastest delivery.

For the reliable service there is a need of on time and consistent delivery. And it is vital in maintaining or increasing transportation performance. In transportation, carrier connectivity is critical for supply chain system. If we fails means the cost of operation cannot be countable it goes beyond the limit and it is inversely effect every department of the particular company.

Every user expects timely availability of good and services in always from any logistic companies. Having the appropriate planning is the most important part of building efficient logistics management. It entails a variety of tasks, including as purchasing commodities, planning transport from point of origin to point of destination, and managing product storage, etc.

For your goods or service to be effective and loyal, transportation must be reasonable and quick. In the case of freight of transportation it is very urgent to keep time to time communication. By taking the best and fastest route, save costs and time. And also it is very important in packing the products accurately for the safely delivery of the products.

Implementing the newest technology is another important matter in providing the better cargo service. With the advancement of technology, it is necessary to adapt them to deal with all of today’s difficulties. And easily solve problem there by reduce the cost of time.

Logistics management is a significant component of the organization that necessitates a major amount of effort in order to meet client expectations and maintain a competitive advantage.

BPL cargo, we value your time and deliver you success.

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We have branches in Dammam, Jubail, Khobar, and Al- Hass


BPL Logistics in SAUDI ARABIA provides a wide range of storage


Storage that is safe, secure, and provides complete peace of mind when you choose BPL Logistics. It’s no secret that moving is a difficult experience, and our professionals are here to assist you with your relocation issues. Because BPL Logistics in Saudi Arabia understands how to handle that task at a price you can afford, our service is the ideal choice for giving you the extra room you require.

Cargo services in BPL Logistics have Cargo Self-Storage facility. It has a selection of storage units for both households and businesses whenever you need a solution for your inadequate facilities. In a new structure specifically created for this purpose, we provide versatile, safe, and cost-effective storage solutions made-to-measure.

BPL Logistics Storage options include, you’re moving and your new place isn’t ready yet, you’re renovating your residence and need to move your belongings to storage, if you’re relocating to another country and need to store your belongings while you’re gone, this is the place to go, going on a trip and need to store your goods at home, you’ve discovered that your passion or sporting equipment has taken over your home, you simply don’t have enough storage space in your home.

Cargo services in BPL Logistics Saudi has a solution for you, whether you require storage for several items or most of your belongings. A storage container can be rented for as long as you need it. Cargo provides you with your own storage area, which is secured with your own padlock. This implies that you will be the sole member of your storage unit.

Large and small businesses alike frequently require business storage spaces. Cargo is a dependable self-storage firm that will provide you with versatile and safe personal storage solutions to match your needs, whether you’re a multinational corporation or an independent tradesman.

With broad loading docks and commercial storage spaces that can be handled directly from your car, our storage facility is ideal for businesses. Furthermore, all of our stores are watched by security cameras in strategic positions, a ring-fenced secure compound, and a fully-alarmed building.

BPL Logistics Benefits

Individual storage spaces should be clean and dry. Short-term or long-term storage, various storage space sizes Containers for shipping are available. Stock for the shop and the business, Files, and archives from the workplace, Storage of personal belongings and furnishings, Self-storage facility designed specifically for you and easily accessible.

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We have branches in Dammam, Jubail, Khobar, and Al- Hass



Cargo logistics provides customers support in all their logistics needs.It also specializes in all freight shipping services. The usual cargo shipping services include ocean freight forwarding, international air cargo shipping, general cargo, project cargo. They also offer services from shipping your household to the chartering of vessels.

Advantages of having efficacious networks all over the world

Having efficacious logistics networks offers high-quality logistics solutions.It also provides a worldwide total supply chain solutions including:

Air Freight forwarding

Flexible and reliable air transportation, tailored to your needs around the globe.

Ocean freight forwarding

Transportation throughout the world with pooling concepts.

Courier service

Door-to-door express services for your most time-sensitive international shipments.

Multimodal forwarding

The smart multimodal solution.

BPL cargos are fast and the most effective logistics  solutions with hassle-free

BPL is the most reliable and trusted logistics company and is specialized in providing a safe, speedy, and cost-effective solution for all shipments at any point in the world.BPL offers a timely and efficient solution for all air freights, sea freights and road freight shipments to any point in the world.

The logistics from Saudi Arabia provide customized services to the customers and have a wide range of delivery options and shipping facilities to ensure the timely and safe delivery of packages.It offers a cost-effective logistics solution to customers with zero damage.

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Air freight or Air Cargo allows the movement of goods quickly by air. Cargo services via air are the most valuable when it comes to transferring express shipments around the world. Air cargo contributes by sending important goods all over the world and also provides the supply chain. It manages many other important shipments that support businesses. With this type of cargo, shipments can be sent almost anywhere, secure and with low risk, less packaging and also less need for warehousing.

Types of Air Cargo

There are two forms of air cargo – general cargo and special cargo.

General shipment consists of excessive value goods, like electronics, jewelry and pharmaceuticals. Because of the high margins and the truth that many digital goods are fragile, air freight is the most appropriate form of shipping.

Special cargo calls for special situations for transporting goods, along with temperature control, air conditions or protected casing, etc.

Our Goal is the Complete Satisfaction of Customers in their Cargo Transportation.

BPL Cargo can handle your freight through air, sea and land routes, providing the warehousing facility and can deliver the shipment at your doorsteps. Our integrated services allow us to accommodate customer’s changing needs in order to provide effective solutions and faster deliveries.

We make Logistics simple and easy for you. We are specialized in providing safe, speedy and cost-effective solutions for all international freight routes. Our entire activities are well organized and planned by professional management. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us for further information.

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We have branches in Dammam, Jubail, Khobar, and Al- Hassa


Freight forwarding Services are the ones who coordinate and plans for the transfer of goods across international borders. They do not perform the shipments themselves; they offer distinct delivery methods such as sea/ocean freight, rail freight, road transport and also air freight shipment. Freight Services act as a middle agent among the employer who makes the cargo and the very last spot for the goods.

What are the advantages of Freight Services?

Freight Services provide benefits to businesses that are looking for a high degree of organization, transparency, and also versatility. They normally manage shipments for various clients at once. They often sort their clients’ cargo and freight by location, and also send out multiple shipments simultaneously. Freight services can save companies a lot of time and allows them to concentrate on other areas of the business.

Other benefits include:

    • Can hold goods to reduce costs
    • Global network of freight forwarding agents
    • Deep Knowledge of the Logistics industry

BPL Cargo offers Fast and Affordable Cargo Transportation throughout the globe.

We are specialized in ocean, air, land freight and associated supply chain management solutions. We ensure your goods are treated with due care and have the experience to handle any kind of logistic activity.

Our mission is to provide superior Logistics and transportation services to our clients. Regardless of size, weight and destination, we select the most favorable distribution solution by using the freight management solutions. We have trained and experienced experts available for our full range of services.

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We have branches in Dammam, Jubail, Khobar, and Al- Hassa


Cargo Service is a type of service that specializes in the moving of cargo, or freight, from one place to another. International Services ship commodities internationally from country to country, and domestic Services, ship commodities within a single country.

How a Cargo Service works?

Cargo and Freight Services facilitate transport of goods through air, ship, train, and also trucking terminals and docks. They make sure that shipments are received and supply on time, paperwork is completed, and charges are collected. For global shipments, they prepare and verify customs and tariff forms.

What does a Freight Agent do?

Cargo and freight agents normally manage shipments for various clients at once. They often sort their clients’ freight by location, and also send out multiple shipments simultaneously. Agents use computer software to save records, track inventory, and interact with clients. They have to be familiar with and feel secure using different software programs.

BPL Cargo provides Customized Solutions that match your Logistic Needs and Preferences.

BPL is one of the leading and highly regarded business houses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We manage the movement of goods via air, land & sea around the globe. We have facilities and efficacious networks all over the world for effective management and movement of cargos and their delivery at your door steps.

You can confidently entrust us with your cargos. We will deliver them at the place specified by you without any delay. We can help you navigate the complexities of international trade by combining global reach, visibility and reliability. Our highly trained logistics experts have in-depth knowledge about freight services.

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We have branches in Dammam, Jubail, Khobar, and Al- Hassa


Logistics refers to the general method of managing how resources are obtained, saved, and transported to their very last destination. Logistics Service identifying prospective distributors and suppliers and determining their effectiveness and accessibility. Logistics managers are also called logisticians.

What is Logistics?

Logistics is the term which normally approaches the management of transportation of goods, from one location to every other. Logistics Services involves things such as transportation, inventory, packaging, components and every now and then, social security and also warehousing.

Why is it Important?

There are many small businesses that focus on the design and production of their products and services to best meet customer needs. If those products cannot reach customers on time, the business will fail. This is the major role of the logistics.

And on the customer’s point of view, if products cannot be produced and shipped on time, customer satisfaction can decline. Also these will negatively impacting a company’s profitability and reputation.

BPL Cargo can Ensure the Safe and Timely Delivery of your Goods to Anywhere on the Globe

We have an in-house group of highly skilled proficient packers that use the best, time-tested packing materials with the aim that your shipments are delivered safely. BPL Cargo has diversified interest in door to door cargo, general cargo, personal effects, household goods, office relocating, compounds & villas, air & sea freight, transportation, storage facility, expert packing and crating and insurance.

We know how valuable your time is so we love to make deliveries on time. You can entrust us with your valuable cargo. Quality and security are most importance for us. We work to support your business and other needs by providing the best logistic solutions. Our services are available to you 24 hours in a Week on all the 365 days in a year.

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We have branches in Dammam, Jubail, Khobar, and Al- Hassa.


Freight forwarding is the coordination and planning of the transfer of goods across international borders. Freight forwarders act as a middleman among the employer who makes the cargo and the very last spot for the goods. Although they do not perform the shipments themselves, they offer distinct delivery modes including sea/ocean freight, rail freight, road transport and also air freight shipment.

What are the benefits of Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarding services can save a lot of time and allows you to concentrate on other areas of the business. Freight forwarders provide specific benefits to corporations that are looking for a high degree of organization, transparency, and also versatility.

Other benefits include:

    • Deep Knowledge of the Logistics industry
    • Global network of freight forwarding agents
    • Can hold goods to reduce costs

BPL Cargo provides Innovative, Practical and Cost Effective Logistics services for every Customer

BPL offers a wide range of freight forwarding services – including pick-up, delivery and distribution operations to all major worldwide destinations. We have storage or warehousing facilities for goods on long term or short term basis. We also have crating and packaging solutions for high value, heavy, fragile and unique items.

We want to be close to our customers and overseas agents to provide them with the best service they needs. We employ the best people in the industry to ensure that your consignment arrives safely on time. Our customer service and management teams are dedicated to meeting your international transportation needs.

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We have branches in Dammam, Jubail, Khobar, and Al- Hassa

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